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We opine that the Web is woefully lacking in railroad maps and timetables (as well as other primary source materials). By way of an attempt at very modest remedy, this page contains a list of maps and timetables (and also tickets showing stations) not shown on individual Wx4 railroad pages. Accordingly, from time-to-time, entries will disappear from this list, as they become transferred to new pages. Check the "last update", below left, for the date of the latest additions. For railroads not shown here, try the following directories:
mmmmSouthern Pacific (for non-PDF)
mmmm Big Railroads
mmmm Shortline Railroads
Arcade and Attica R.R.: 5/5/1940; public timetable on postcard
Aroostook Valley RR:
undated; map
Beaver & Ellwood: 1911; map; P&LE Pennsylvania subsidiary
Benguela Railway: 1930; map; "The Shortest Route to Rhodesia"
Cambria & Indiana R.R.: undated; map; Pennsylvania
Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Ry (Crandic): public TT 2-17-1950
Chicago Great Western R.R.: 1914; map
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific R.R.: 1914; map
Chile: 1914; map
Clinton, Davenport & Muscatine RY: public TT, 5-10-1933
Cleveland, north: 1875; hand tinted map
Cleveland, north: 1922; map
Colusa & Lake RR: 1907 Map
Coudersport & Port Allegany R.R.: 4/28/1937; Pennsylvania
Cornwall Railroad: 5/17/1896; public timetable
Costa Rica: 1943: map
Dominican Republic: 1943; map
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Ry.: undated; map
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Ry.: undated; map
Erie Railroad: 1943; simplified map in advertisement
Florida East Coast Ry, Mayport Branch: public TT, 5-6-1914
Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Ry: public TT, 8-1-43
Gainsville Midland Ry.: 11/11/1934; mimeoed employee TT
Griffith, IL: 1892: RR map; "Ten Lots Will Make You Rich" ad
Indiana Harbor Belt R.R.: January 1921; map
Indianapolis: 1906; Cram's map
Jamestown, Westfield & Wstn. R.R.: undated; ticket w/stations
Kentucky & Tennessee Ry.: 7/7/1936; mimeoed employee TT
Mahoning Valley Electric Ry: public TT, 12-26-1898
Marion [Indiana] Railways: public TT, c1933
Manchuria: 1932; RR map showing Japanese invasion;
Missouri-Kansas-Texas R.R.: undated; matchbook map
Key System: July 1913; map; Oakland, CA; courtesy UC Berkeley
Kushqua Route: 1/4/1926: timetable; Pennsylvania
Louisville & Nashville R.R.: undated; map
Lehigh Valley Railroad: c1922; map
Litchfield & Madison Railway: undated; map; Illinois
Maryland & Pennsylvania R.R.: 9/30/1951; map; "Ma & Pa"
McCloud River R.R.: c1920; Sanborn of McCloud, CA shops
Morgantown & Kingwood R.R.: 1918; map; West Virginia
Montana Western Ry.: 6/6/1917; employee timetable
Oakland, CA: 1921; map
Oregon & Southeastern R.R.: c1904-12: map; later OP&E
Paris and Mt. Plesant R.R.: undated; map; Texas
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie R.R.: 4/29/1951; employee timetable map
Pittsburg, Shawmutt & Northern R.R.: undated; ticket listing stations
Port Angeles & Western RR: ETT, 7-21-1935
Rio Grande Southern R.R.: 12/20/1936; newspaper ad timetable
San Francisco: 1921; map
San Francisco, Napa and Calistoga Ry.: 1924; steamboat timetable
San Francisco, Vallejo & Napa Valley RR: public TT, 8-22-1907
Scranton, PA: 1874; map
Sheffield & Tionesta Railway: 6/1/22; timetable
Spain & Portugal: 1905; map
Spain & Portugal: 1937; map
Printable PDF's Project > complete timetables ready for mmdownload & printing; WARNING, large files!

NWP 1940 Employee TT ; "steam" lines, San Rafael-Eureka; 300 dpi, 850kb, 8 PDF pages; includes Interurban Lines map
NWP 1940 Public Timetable;"steam" lines, San Rafael-Eureka; 300 dpi, 850kb, 2 PDF pages; includes system map
June 1899 Public: Coast Div., broad & narrow gauge; stage connections, fares, special itinerariies, large map; 11 pgs.,
_________7.1mb PDF
SP 1904 San Francisco Peninsula Suburban, 2 pages; PDF
SP 1912 System;
43 pgs., 14.8 megs; PDF
SP 1915
Southern California,AZ,NM,SPdeM Local Public
; _______31 pages, maps - printable PDF
SP April, 1915 Northern California, W. Nevada Local & _______Shortline Conn., Public; 15 pgs, maps - printable PDF
1922 SP "American Canyon Route" Through and Local Passenger Timetables, from East Bay to Salt Lake City, including all branches, SP n.g. & short lines; maps; PDF
May, 1938 Commute, Public; 2 pgs., PDFF
Southern Pacific Shasta Route Public Timetables
iiJuly 24, 1926 (prior to opening of Natron Cut-Off; includes iiiisystem timetable; 7 PDF pgs.)
iiiMay 21, 1927 (after opening of Natron Cut-Off; includes iiiisystem timetable; 7 PDF pgs.)
iiiSept. 15, 1929 (Pullman service on the new Modoc Cutoff; 8 iiiiPDF pages)
iiiJuly 5, 1938 (6 PDF pgs.)
iiiAugust, 1940 (includes system timetable; 24 PDF pgs.)
September 24, 1961 SP & SF California Public Timetables
Nacionales de Mexico Fall-Winter 1947-48 Public Timetable
lllll24 pages in English
Northern Pacific 4-3-1921 Public Timetable 32 pgs, 6 maps
Maine Central 10-23-1932 Public TT 16 PDF pages, sys. map
MKT 3-12-39 Public TT 24 PDF pages; sys. map; frt. schedules
Rutland 1-19-1941 Public TT 10 PDF pages; system map

Tavares and Gulf: 1925; map; Florida
Toledo, OH: 1922; map
Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique R.R.: 1900; map
Waltham, Mass., Butman Druggist: steam & electric TT, 1-10-1911
Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern RR: public rail & bus TT, 3-10-1951
Wheeling & Lake Erie R.R.: c1920's: map