PDF's - Southern Pacific & Subsidiaries

1899 Coast Div.public, broad & narrow gauge; stage connec-
---tions, fares, special itinerariies, large map; 11 pgs.,
12-19-17 1903-08-10 System public TT - 56 pages
1904 San Francisco Peninsula Suburban public; 2 pages
1912 System public; 43 pgs., 14.8 megs
1915 Southern California,AZ,NM,SPdeM Local Public;
__31 pages, maps
1915 Northern California, W. Nevada Local & shortline
---public; 15 pgs, maps
11-20-171919-07-23 Portland-Tualatin Interurban Public TT
1922 SP "American Canyon Route" Through and Local
public - from East Bay to
mmm Salt Lake, incl. branches, SP narrow gauge & connecting short lines; maps
12-28-17 1934-09-01 Pacific Electric System public TT -29 pages
12-28-17 1936-02-02 Pacific Electric Mt. Lowe promo brochure w/ TT (JPEG)
1938, May Commute, Public; 2 pgs.
Southern Pacific Shasta Route Public Timetables
iiiJuly 24, 1926 (prior to opening of Natron Cut-Off) includes system
---- timetable; 7 pgs.
iiiMay 21, 1927 (after opening of Natron Cut-Off) includes system
---- timetable; 7 pgs.)
iiiSept. 15, 1929 (Pullman service on the new Modoc Cutoff) 8 pages
iiiJuly 5, 1938 6 pgs.
iiiAugust, 1940 (includes system timetable) 24 pgs
11-20-171950-04-30 SF to Stockton, Sac. Local Public TT
mmmmmmmmmsame format as SF commute public TT
1961-09-24 SP & SF California joint public
NWP 1940 employee ; "steam" lines, San Rafael-Eureka;
---300 dpi, 850kb, 8 pages; includes Interurban Lines map
NWP 1940 public;"steam" lines, San Rafael-Eureka;
---300 dpi, 850kb, 2 pages; includes system map

SP timetable JPEG's

PDF's - Other Railroads

12-20-17 Belfast & Mooshead Lake 9-29-1944 train & bus public TT
12-19-17 Camas Prarie R.R. 1969-10-12 employee TT #113

11-22-17 Interstate Ry. 1927-05-08 interurban pub. TT
Maine Central 10-23-1932 Public TT, sys. map
MKT 3-12-39 Public TT ; sys. map; frt. schedules
Monon 9-28-1958 public timetable, courtesy Englewood
Nacionales de Mexico Fall-Winter 1947-48 Public Timetable
lllll24 pages in English
Northern Pacific 4-3-1921 Public Timetable 6 maps
12-19-17Northern Pacific 1940-04-28 Tacoma Div. employee TT #69D
12-19-17Portland Electric Power Co. (PEPCO) Interurban Lines 7-21-1935
mmmmmmmmmETT #29 & 8-1-38 supp.
12-19-17 Portland Electric [formerly PEPCO] 3-16-56 Bellrose Div. #7 public TT
Rutland 1-19-1941 Public TT system map
12-06-17 Philadelphia. & Reading, Lebanon Div./Gettysburg & Harrisburg
!!!!!mmmmmmm11-17-1901 public TT
12-19-17 Spokane, Portland & Seattle 1936-10-05 Astoria Branch publicTT

Note: see Index above for railroads not listed here

Arcade and Attica R.R.: 5/5/1940; public timetable on postcard
Aroostook Valley RR:
undated; map
12-06-17 Bamberger RR 1-15-1950 public timetable
Beaver & Ellwood: 1911; map; P&LE Pennsylvania subsidiary
Benguela Railway: 1930; map; "The Shortest Route to Rhodesia"
Cambria & Indiana R.R.: undated; map; Pennsylvania
Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Ry (Crandic): public TT 2-17-1950
11-22-17 Chicago, Iowa & Nebraska R.R. 4-15-1860 ETT
mmmmnote: image lower left digitally repaired for legibility
Chile: 1914; map
1-5-18 Cincinnati & Lake Erie c1935 brochure w/map
Clinton, Davenport & Muscatine RY: public TT, 5-10-1933
Cleveland, north: 1875; hand tinted map
Cleveland, north: 1922; map
1-5-18 Cleveland, Southwestern Ry. & Light Co. 10-31-1926 PTT
Colusa & Lake RR: 1907 Map
Coudersport & Port Allegany R.R.: 4/28/1937; Pennsylvania
Cornwall Railroad: 5/17/1896; public timetable
Costa Rica: 1943: map
Dominican Republic: 1943; map
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Ry.: undated; map
11-22-17 East Broad Top RR 9-30-1946 ETT
11-22-17 East TN. & W. NC / Linville River 6-1-1934 ETT
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Ry.: undated; map
Erie Railroad: 1943; simplified map in advertisement
Florida East Coast Ry, Mayport Branch: public TT, 5-6-1914
Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Ry: public TT, 8-1-43
Gainsville Midland Ry.: 11/11/1934; mimeoed employee TT
11-22-17 Great Norther Empire Builder 7-1931 public (blotter?) TT
Griffith, IL: 1892: RR map; "Ten Lots Will Make You Rich" ad
Huntington & Broad Top Mountain RR & Coal Co. 6-20-1943 public TT
Indiana Harbor Belt R.R.: January 1921; map
Indianapolis: 1906; Cram's map
1-5-18 International Railway (Niagra Falls interurban) 5-31-1926 PTT
1-5-18 Jamestown, Westfield & Western (N.Y.) 9-28-1941 public timetable
Jamestown, Westfield & Western
undated ticket w/stations
Kentucky & Tennessee Ry.: 7/7/1936; mimeoed employee TT
Key System: July 1913; map; Oakland, CA; courtesy UC Berkeley
Kushqua Route: 1/4/1926: timetable; Pennsylvania
Louisville & Nashville R.R.: undated; map
Lehigh Valley Railroad: c1922; map
Litchfield & Madison Railway: undated; map; Illinois
Mahoning Valley Electric Ry: public TT, 12-26-1898
12-06-17 Manitou & Pike's Peak Ry. 7-1-1910 public TT
Marion [Indiana] Railways: public TT, c1933
Manchuria: 1932; RR map showing Japanese invasion;
Maryland & Pennsylvania R.R.: 9/30/1951; map; "Ma & Pa"
McCloud River R.R.: c1920; Sanborn of McCloud, CA shops
12-06-17 Milwaukee Electric Lines 5-27-38 public timetable
12-06-17 Milwaukee Rapid Transit & Speedrail Co. 3-1-1950 public timetable
Missouri-Kansas-Texas R.R.: undated; matchbook map
Morgantown & Kingwood R.R.: 1918; map; West Virginia
Montana Western Ry.: 6/6/1917; employee timetable
Oakland, CA: 1921; map
1-5-18 Ohio Public Service 9-8-1925 public timetable
Oregon & Southeastern R.R.: c1904-12: map; later OP&E
Paris and Mt. Plesant R.R.: undated; map; Texas
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie R.R.: 4/29/1951; employee timetable map
Pittsburg, Shawmutt & Northern R.R.: undated; ticket listing stations
Port Angeles & Western RR: ETT, 7-21-1935
1-5-18 Potomic Edison (Maryland interurban) / Blue Ridge Lines (bus)
mmm10-8-1938 joint public timetable
Rio Grande Southern R.R.: 12/20/1936; newspaper ad timetable
San Francisco: 1921; map
San Francisco, Napa and Calistoga Ry.: 1924; steamboat timetable
San Francisco, Vallejo & Napa Valley RR: public TT, 8-22-1907
Scranton, PA: 1874; map
Sheffield & Tionesta Railway: 6/1/22; timetable
Spain & Portugal: 1905; map
Spain & Portugal: 1937; map
11-22-17 Suncook Valley RR:. 9-27-37 public TT
11-22-17 Tallulah Falls Ry.: 5-16-1948 ETT
Tavares and Gulf: 1925; map; Florida
Toledo, OH: 1922; map
Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique R.R.: 1900; map
12-06-17 Tuckerton R.R. 9-15-1902 Supplement #1 to employee TT #120
11-22-17Tuckerton R.R. 10-13-1918 public TT
11-22-17Tuckerton R.R. 6-1-1931 public TT
Utah Idaho Central RR 4-20-1942 public interurban and bus timetable
11-22-17 Utica, Ithica & Elmira R.R. Summer 1874 public TT
Waltham, Mass., Butman Druggist: steam & electric TT, 1-10-1911
Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern RR: public rail & bus TT, 3-10-1951
Wheeling & Lake Erie R.R.: c1920's: map
12-06-17 Youngstown & Warren 12-26-1898 public timetable

Maps & Timetables, page 1
Wx4 Maps & Timetables Collection
& collections index

This page is the first of three pages devoted to ever-growing collections of maps
and timetables. Additional items can be found on pages devoted to various railroads,
as noted in the index. My personal motivation for this undertaking is a hope that it will
spur historical inquiry - these documents each tell a story of a moment in history, and
in conjunction with others, tales of ongoing change. The information gleaned from em-
ployee timetables, especially, come via a steep learning curve for non railroaders, but
once you know their way around their intricacies, you'll likely find them to be
mezmorizing and addictive.

My profound thanks goes to Tim Zukas and "Englewood" for their considerable
efforts and generosity in contributing to their respective pages. - EO


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