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Southern Pacific Employee Rosters & Timebooks

Note, in January 2017, Bob Melbo (an Oregon Division assistant superintent when I was a lowly fireman in Dunsmuir in the mid 1980's who is now State Rail Planner for Oregon DOT) contributed a large stack of Portland Division and District roster/time books, of which I selected four - 1947, 1959, 1968 and 1977 - for reproductions. He also included books for 1960, 1962,1965, and 1972. Should somebody have a specific need for one of these, I shall be glad to reproduce it. Thanks, Bob!

I shall post more rosters as they become available from dear Wx4 readers.


The following rosters in PDF format are from old commercial time books:

Miscellaneous Rosters:


Vernon Frazier ( left) entered his work history into a "Big Four" time book published by E.J. Elbury, a man who, some years prior, had been ejected from the Fresno Lodge of the BRT. He originally labeled his booklet as an "Official Time and Seniorty Record" - which it was not - causing the BRT to cry foul. (click on the image for the sordid details)