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This section is a catch-basin for railroad-related documents that do not fall into the other categories listed at far right. Some are stand-alone, while others are contained within various Wx4 pages.

Wx4 Card Catalogue (main index)

Other Railway Documents on Wx4:

Historical Maps & Timetables Index Page

Railroad & Industry Rules

Southern Pacific right-of
--- way & structure drawings

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PDF files as indicated =
Operators' Manuals


Instructions to Engineers on Gas-Electric Rail Motor Cars (SP manual)
---particulars of 1930 Pullman / Electromotive cars #SP3 - #SP6
1949 EMD On the Road Trouble-Shooting
1961-06 ALCO RS-32 & RSD-33 - the RSD-33 never was produced, but the
---10 SP RS-32's were a staple of Central CA locals in the 60's & 70's

Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive Blueprints - rescued by Bayshore
---Machinist Fred Boland, courtesy of son, Fred Boland
SP #150 Sunset Plans - chairman of the board's private car

SP Steam Rosters, 1935 and 1942 - part of Fred Boland's Blueprints
Final SP Peninsula Commute Fleet Roster - 1980

------------------------SP Locomotive Ratings (from employee timetables)


Results of Comparative Demonstration for Determining the Distinctive
Features of Standard and Improved Air Brake Equipment for Freight and
Passenger Cars:
Conducted Jointly by Southern Pacific Company, Pacific
---System, and the Westinghouse Air Brake Co (1908) - Google Books link
Servive Test of Cross Ties - This obscure report is dated ~ January, 1916 by the only reference to it on the Internet.
Southern Pacific's Early Remote Control Locomotive Tests - 1960-70's
Bay Area Rapid Transit simulator training
Helixtram (page)
Southern Pacific Train Primer, A Little Book About Our Locomotives mmmand What the Signs and Signals Mean
A Circular of the Times, I - The passing of the 40 ft. boxcar

Professional Concerns
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PDF files as indicated =
SP Employees
Rosters & Time Books - (page)


Railroad Accidents, Their Cause and Prevention: 1906; lengthy &
---reasonably even-handed look
What Causes Railway Accidents: 1905 claptrap mostly blaming
---employees & passengers
Railroad Accidents, Their Cause and Prevention: 1906 more even-handed
---look, ironically published by the Association of Railway Claims Agents.


Odds & Ends
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PDF files as indicated =


1947 Quiz on Railroads and Railroading, 450 Questions and Answers by
mmm the Association of American Railroads - an 84 page gold mine of
mmmdata about railroading of the time and previous - contributed by a
mmmfriend of Wx4

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PDF files as indicated =
Newspapers & Magazines

SP locos in manufacturers' ads

Past Less Traveled advertising section (page bottom)
1903 Golden State, Cosmopolitan, three color
1924 Ralston Steel Car Company, stock & gondola cars
Monterey Branch Timetables, Maps Ads
Market Street Cable Railway / Park and Ocean Railroad (1889 SP timetable)
Santa Clara & San Jose Electric Ry., 1904 Sunset Magazine Ad
Overland Limited 1915 color
SP Morgan Hill 1901 "Colonist" tickets promotion
1937 Coast Daylight, Saturday Evening Post, color
1944 Coast Daylight from the Saturday Evening Post, a color beauty!
1951 Golden State, color
1951 City of SF, color
1951 Sunset Limited, color
1954 Coast Daylight, b&w
1954 City of SF, with 'populated' "SP"



1906 D&RG Around the Circle tour - 32 pages
1915 Official Miniature View Book, Panama Pacific Int'l. Exposition

1915 UP California and the Expositions, Yellowstone Nat'l. Park

1936-02-02 Pacific Electric Mt. Lowe promo brochure w/ public TT
1936 Trans-Siberian Express brochure from Intourist, 1951 East German Railways timetable from the CIA, plus commentary.
SP's Commute Centennial, 1864-1964 - PR brochure

Yellowstone RR ads, brochures (page)

Advertising with Commentary
1950's Now! Railroading by Radar + Wx4 commentary
Silly Johnny is Dead!, 2 pages of RR ads and Wx4 commentary: not for the
---weak of humor
Romance of the Rails (page)
Milwaukee Road Xmas Vignette

SP Tickets, Fares
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PDF files as indicated =

Dining Car Menus
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