Shortline Railroads
6-22-2021 California & Oregon Coast RR:
Yet anothet large update, with many more pics.
  • Hobbs, Wall & Co. / Crescent City & Smith River /Del Norte Southern
  • Crescent City Mill & Transportation Co.
  • Westbrook, Bomhoff and Hume
  • Kern & Kibbe
  • Smith River & Northern (CA-OR Lumber Co.)

6-22-2021 Tonopah & Tidewater: how the company
........exited the business using a timetable
6-22-2021 Ocean Shore Railroad Malleys? What?:
one of our less reverent pieces concerning their interest in
.....buying a malley
Oregon, California and Eastern

Antioch, CA Area Coal Mine Railroads Map, 1897 +-

Longview, Portland & Northern

Stewartstown RR, Pennsylvania

State Belt / San Francisco Belt

Sierra Railroad of California

Amador Central Interlude

Belton Railroad / Georgetown Railroad (Texas)

photos 6-22-2021 Dardanelle & Russellville RR


If you're big on Northwestern shortlines, be sure to visit Rob Jacox's fine Western Rails Web site.

Book recommendation: California's Lumber Shortline Railroads, by Jeff Moore (2016)
an insightful and up-to-date review of California's common carrier lumber haulers