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Timetable #5 1-1-48

Klamath Falls in the 1970's (includes car photos)

a few color pics, plus motive power history 1975-90

(OC&E map from the Official Guide, November, 1966)

I never really 'railfaned' the OC&E, but every time that the family had occasion to travel through Klamath Falls, I always wandered over to the yard to check out things. Through much of it's existence, the Southern Pacific and Great Northern (later BN) alternated operating the OC&E with the big railroads' crews and motive power (see the 1948 Timetable for SP/GN steam engine tonnage ratings).

2-6-0 #2 at the Southern Pacific's Klamath Falls roundhouse, on July 4, 1937. Notice the acetylene headlight. (Henderson photo, negative in author's collection)

2-8-0 #3 very much out of service at the Southern Pacific Klamath Falls yard, on July 4, 1937.