At The Pacific Lumber Company Engine House
Scotia, California, June 1974

Wx4 Staff shot these few photos (we've made up for the meager offerings by supplying you with Wx4 HumongoPhotostm) on a gloomy day in June, 1974.

Despite the wisp of steam (left), loco #29 was long dead.

(Below) Numbers 101 & 102 were GE 80 Tonners used as mill switchers. Baldwin VO1000's #104 (first Baldwin built for U.S. Navy, #5, 1941) and #105 (built for U.S. War Dept., #V-1800, 1945) were the road power.

Yup, the photo immediately below also appears on the Harmonic Convergence of Geeps and Jeeps page.

TPL Locomotive Roster by Jeff Moore

Wx4's original paste-up of this page contained a plea for a roster, which reader Jeff Moore kindly supplied (THANKS Jeff!). Jeff's roster is a dandy. It's based upon one found in Steam in the Redwoods, and Jeff has added extensive updates and commentary. Wx4 liked it so much that we bought the book.

Steam in the Redwoods, by Lynwood Carranco and Henry Sorenson; The Caxton Printers, Caldwell Idaho, 1988; chronicles the lumber railroads of Humbolt County, CA with text, photos, diagrams, rosters.

Northern Counties Logging Interpretive Association
which maintains the logging exhibit at Fort Humbolt State park, owns several pieces of TPL equipment and hopes to acquire more. See the TPL Roster notes and the link above.