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Color pics & loco history


The newly merged Burlington Northern was operating the railroad in June, 1970, when I took the following three photos.

I encountered three Geeps and one SD-9 in the yard.
GP-9 706 and SD-9 599 drug an empty train of log flats, water car X6534 (for fire supression) and caboose X203 out to the Klamath Marsh, for a runaround movement prior to heading east to the woods. Sadly, I was unable to follow the train out of town.

In 1974, it was SP's turn to run the show, as we see here with GP-9 #3761 switching a load of logs.

Empty log car, # unknown
Water car #X6534
Caboose #X203
Loaded log car #X550: archbar trucks
Loaded log car #X302; T-section Bettendorf trucks
Loaded log car #X637; Bettendorf-style trucks

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