SP San Jose SPINS Zone 1, 1972
Cahill St. Depot & the Lick Branch
SP San Jose
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Sheet 1, above, shows the San Jose Cahill Street Station (now Diridon Depot). Timetable West (now North) towards San Francisco is at left. This shows the trackage arrangement effective with the major realignments at the depot's east end that took place in 1971. Wx4 staff added the items in red. For a further description of depot trackage, go here.

The Lick Branch departed it's namesake and wound through orchards and field (later: housing tracts) to the Hubbard and Johnson Lumber Yard yard at Alamitos. During World War II, Alamitos was an Army camp, and prior to that, until the mid-1930's, the branch was known as the Almaden Branch, and ran all the way to McKean Road, near the intersection of Almaden Road. The Camden Branch, the standard-gauged former South Pacific Coast line (much of which is now Camden Avenue) joined the Almaden about half a mile sort of the Almaden depot at Mckean Road. For most of the 20th Century, these branches we're served about once-a-week by a switch engine out of San Jose. The Lick Branch was finally abandoned in the 1980's, and now part of the former right-of way is occupied by the VTA light rail line. A history and photos are coming...some day.

Zone 1 also included other industries not shown on this page, notably the IBM plant on the Double Track, timetable east of the old Oak Grove station.