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Bayshore 1941 Replacement Turntable Full Drawings
former Bakersfield 100' C. S. turntable lengthened to 110' ft.
San Francisco
Bayshore RH
Mission Bay RH
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During the first quarter of 1941, Southern Pacific's Engineering Department drew up nine pages of plans to utilize Bakersfield's C. S. 100' turntable as the basis for conversion to a 110' table which would replace Bayshore Roundhouse's own C.S. 100 foot structure. Salvaged parts from the Pajaro River bridge were intended to be utilized for the extensions. Wx4 has been unable to learn exactly when the replacement was carried out. For further info and photos of this and Mission Bay's C. S. 100 foot turntable, see the San Francisco Turntables page.

For 21 years since 2003, this page has featured snippets of the drawings, but lately we have been able to scan the full ~2x3 feet documents and offer them as PDF's. To aid legibility, the PDF's contain the full resolution, original scans, as well as an inverted color black and white version, but BEWARE of the large file sizes

1941 Bayshore replacement turntable, original blueprints, 9 pages; 45.1 MB

1941 Bayshore replacement turntable, inverted color black & white, 9 pages; 47.4 MB

Above, "S.H." stands for 'salvage hardware'. Wx4 Staff has no knowledge of the status of Watsonville's Pajaro River bridge at that time, but winter storms in 1940 washed out or damaged many local bridges (and caused abandonment of the Los Gatos-to-Santa Cruz line). Perhaps the Pajaro bridge was one of the so affected structures.

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