SP Mission Bay
Roundhouse Area, Buildings
(10-14-59, or as noted)
Mission Bay
San Francisco

Let me plainly state that I know next-to-nothing about the particulars of the Mission Bay Roundhouse. Below, you'll find photos of ancillary buidings, along with speculations about their uses. Does anyone have definitive info on all of this?
email (2012): wx4org@yahoo.com
photos courtesy of George Solimine Jr.

(above, below) Other than the roundhouse and the two water tanks behind it, the only other large structure was this (presumably) storage building. It also appears to have housed the steam plant. In age, it looks to have predated the roundhouse. and if you look closely at the photo below, it one had a set of doors wide enough to accomodate a locomotive. Can somebody provide concrete info on this wooden building?

(below) Here's the storage building in context, on the west side of the roundhouse.

The roundhouse foreman's office?

Are these M of W or Mechanical Department shanties? The one on the far left has a stove, so it may be a herder shanty.

Facing roughly southwest, we see the back side of the roundhouse.

The water plug, September 1953.

Is that the engineer's quarters beyond the 4452's pilot? September, 1953.

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