Seventh Street Diesel Shops
Part 2
Part 1
San Francisco

(photos courtesy Engineer Greg Welker)

The 7th Street Diesel Shops (or terminal - it was called both) en total. Notice the Coach and Diesel leads, formerly the east (south) and west (north) Ocean View mains heading into Townsend Street at right, as well as the boxcars spotted beyond. There's now a fence separating the shops from 7th Street. The scene is still very recognizable in 2003.

(above, left) Mechanical employees and quarters - Greg Welker says,"The guy in the window is Roundhouse Foreman Barney Skagford. He looked to be a thousand years old when I hired out in 1971 and continued working for quite a spell afterwards" He was a Mormon and didn't believe in drinking coffee but he made it for the boys every morning." (below left) the lineup along 7th Street; below right) looking towards 4th Street Tower and the Depot from the cab of a Train Master.

(Wx4 staff photos)

On a typically overcast day in early June, 1974, with a several months absence from the Bay Area just a few days away, I caught a plug to San Francisco to experience and photograph Train Masters for what I thought would be the last time. By mid 1974 the F-M's were dropping like flies - after two decades of stop-and-go commute service, they were completely worn out. Luckily, when I returned in November, a few of the old girls were still hanging-on, with the 3033 making the last H24-66 run in February of the next year.

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