Sierra Railroad
Jamestown Yards, June 1964

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Two comments, here:
  1. OK, these photos aren't the pinnacle of the art form, but Wx4 can explain. Staff took these shots with a freebie box camera from Bank of America. Thus, the picture quality ain't so hot. Composition likewise suffers of 'grab-shot' quality, because Grandma was in the back seat of the car "humpfing". We think that the pics are darn good reference for comparison with today, however.
  2. Boy, look at those weeds! How come the roundhouse never burnt down?
Wx4 staff did manage to spend a few minutes inside of the roundhouse, where the 3, 28, 34 and 36 dozed. The first two showed of recent activity, while the two mikes' rods were covered with an a fine layer of rust, indicating that they probably hadn't run since the previous year. All are still there, except the #36, which subsequently departed for the now-defunct White Mountain Scenic, and ultimately wound up in the Merril, Oregon collection of Fred and Lucille Kepner in the company of the #18's remains (we believe that the 18 was partially restored for display at a Modesto business site for awhile). The Keppners also own ex Sierra 2-6-6-2 #38 (left), and it now resides in pieces as near-junk in McCloud, California.

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(left) Ex Sierra #38, McCloud, CA 1991
(above) The short flat car (ex tender frame?) was spotted at the freight house, while derelict ex movie engine #18 (below) sat along the main line, across the street east of the roundhouse.

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