WP & US Gypsum at Gerlach, Nevada
Spring 1974

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One spring evening in 1974, the wife and I stopped for a breather at a Basque restaraunt / bar in Gerlach, Nevada, one of the most remote burgs on the planet, I reckon. As we sipped our pre-dinner Pecans, a Basque drink of uncertain concoction, US Gypsum's GE 70 tonner # 101 putted into town from the nearby USG plant south of Gerlach. After fufilling the absolute duty of photographing this event of rare record, I returned to the restaurant for dinner. Although I ordered blue cheese dressing for the preliminary salad, after a few bites I realized that there were distict blotches of Thousand Island, and perhaps other dressings, distributed amongst leaves that otherwise laid untouched by the blue cheese.

Thank goodness that the following course was fried...