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Professional RR Terms Disambiguated by a "Seasoned Pro", Part 1

professional RR term definitions

Operating personnel job descriptions
from the ancient days of "brakemen", who perfurmed their duties long before "train operations enablers" - or whatever they now call themselves - came along,
came along

pictorial disambiguations:

NEW 4-30-2024: "Baggage Smasher"xxxxxxxxxxxx
a rather long-winded explanation

Antiquated vernacular term for railway baggageman or porter - Southern Pacific replaced many of its baggage smashers in the 1930's with automated baggage crushers, such as we see in this 1930's company photo slipped to us by one J. R. Signor. As it turned out, the fledgling technology proved to be less effective in shredding luggage than its human counterparts. Instead it tended to apply its best destructive efforts inward towards itself, thus subjecting its owner to the same sort of thing that passengers had endured for a hundred years. Accordingly, this precipitated their premature withdrawl. See "Wx4 Looks at the Particulars of Baggage Smashing" for further (perhaps more trustworthy) illumination regarding the term and trade.

Crew "On Spot", a.k.a. "Gone to Coffee"

"Tying the Air" - example of improper foot placement

Results of slack: a "Run In"

Results of a "BIG Run In"

"Helper Engine"

"Hump Engine"
(see Part 2 for further elucidation re humpimg)