Mayan Apocalypse, Now...
coming to a platform near you!

(note: The following, er, commentary originally appeared on the Wx4 front page in December, 2012)

Remind us not to travel during the next Mayan Apocalypse. We cavalierly chose to ignore the dire warnings of global destruction on 12-12-12, as presented on The Discovery Channel, and scheduled a research trip to the California State Railroad Museum library for that date, only to experience the full wrath of those damn ancient Mayans.

Sadly, The Discovery Channel programs were lacking in detail, for had they related that - due to miscellaneous technical circumstances beyond the Mayans' control - the 'end of days' would be limited to a temporary screwing of the California Capitol Corridor trains, we would have sat up and taken notice. As it was, our stupid train took nearly five hours to journey from San Jose to Sacramento, rather than the already-leisurely three-plus. We note that the subsequent apology put out by the Corridor makes no mention of the Mayans, a dire but understandable omission, since "SOME say" that those folks are all hooked on TV reality shows, rather than quality scientific programming like Ancient Astronauts.

Apocolypse II, 12-21-2012

Depending upon which calendar you use - Mayan, Gegorian or Klingon - the next Mayan Apocolypse may be today. Thus, we are hunkered down in Wx4 safe room & tiki bar hoping at least to make it through happy hour before all hell cuts loose. Already we've heard reports that the Coast Starlight is running late. The horror; the HORROR! What next?


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