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a casualty of taste?
or encroaching dementia?

When Staff originally put together Wx4, we concluded that the process was much like moving to a new home. We had spent considerable time classifying, organizing and packaging our material for publication, but happy hour was now upon us - we had run out of time and needed to get rid of the remaining odd piles of stuff muy pronto! What did we do? We resorted to an ages-old moving technique-of-last-resort: toss it all into a virtual 55 gallon trash bag - The Wx4 Grab Bag. My producer/director daughter observes that this is much like programming reality TV shows.
- E.O.


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Miscellaneous Nonsense

We moved Wx4 headquarters to Hawaii more than a decade ago. The lack of nearby railroads nevertheless has its compensations. By "compensations", we mean that we spend most happy hours at the Wx4 Tiki Bar making sacrifices to the volcano god, Pele. Pele likes gin. According to the rangers over at Volcano National Park - who also like gin - sacrifices to Pele should only be made at a specific spot within the park, which seems kind of fishy to us, particularly because Pele and gin do not coincide in Hawaiian folklore. As a test, we recently made an enormous gin (and Mai Tai) sacrifice to Pele at the Tiki Bar, and sure enough, she created a "dome fountain" just for us. It even got noticed on CNN. That's nice.

License plate topper: Man, we want one of these!

Drone O' Foam?

Evening News, San Jose 07-12-1890

The Official Dome O' Foam
"Foamer's Brain"
(This is your brain on foam!)
- lately banished from the front page
sic transit gloria mundi