Grab Bag

The Wx4 FoamOfan Car (pat. pending):
Shower-Up, Fans!

Say what you will about Czar Nicholas's treatment of his subjects, but at least he understood the importance of personal hygiene. Witness the Wx4 shower car below, updated from the 1915 orignal that enabled the monarch's troops to march off to be slaughtered by the dreaded Huns in a most spic-n-span fashion.

Wx4 Staff would like to note that the czar's wheeled appliance looks pretty darn attractive to us. After having suffered through a multitude of crowded, Mid-Altlantic, 95ยบ/95%-mid-summer foamer extravaganzas, our basic conclusion is that in the aggregate, rail enthusiasts need to bathe more often. We suspect that the term the great unwashed originally pertained to the railfan fraternity.

Thus, we believe that in the interests of public health and safety, all attendees of railfan excursions should be required - under the penalty of law, perhaps even Constitutional Amendment - to bathe in our updated shower car. We humbly suggest that it should be called the Wx4 FoamOfan Car to honor our contribution to humanity. Alternately, a well-stocked bar car certainly would work for us.