A startling revelation:

OK, after 20 years avoiding the issue, it is time to fess up. At an early, pre-railroad-employment age, I worked for, ahem, a model railroad shop. Yep.But in my defense, I was a confused young adult.

It happened in December, 1971, when the late William Frederick need inventory-taking help for his Bill's Train Station at 14th & Margaret in San Jose. His tiny ~400 sq. ft. shop was crammed with product, and we worked several days into the deep night to complete the task, fueled by pizza and 95 cent large meatball sandwiches from a nearby sandwich shop - the very first Togo's - which, like Bill's, had recently opened for business.
By midnight or so, we would get pretty rummy. No, check that. Off the rails rummy. During the first night I inventoried Roundhouse Products latest contribution to the toy train world , the Super Quick, RP25 Action Truck. The goofy name (they couldn't be serious, could they?) and the late hour quickly caused me to giggle uncontrollably until Nehi dribbled out my nose..

Thenceforth, at odd moments, one of us would shout SUPER QUICK, RP25 ACTION TRUCKS! as if the joke was all new. To tell the truth, I still think it is kinda funny. I also think that it is odd that people like me still play with toy trains at an advanced age. Oh yeah, I later manged his store, but don't pass that around. -