Wreck of the New Almaden Mixed - Endnotes 1 - The Wreck & Robert J. Maxewll, A Jinxed Engineer

Wreck Photos:

Julie (Pfeiffer) Perrucci collection


  • Bruce A. MacGregor and Richard Truesdale: A Centennial South Pacific Coast; Pruit Publishing Co., 1982. The bottom Perucci wreck photo is a different print of the photo appearing on page 148, which also contains a boiler-front-view of the damge to SPC #2. MacGregor is the foremost authority on SPC; these books also provided background material.
    • Bruce A. MacGregor: South Pacific Coast; Howell-North Books, 1968. MacGreggor's
    • Bruce A. MacGregor: Narrow Gauge Portrait South Pacific Coast; Glenwood Publishers, 1975
    • Bruce A. MacGregor: The Birth of California Narrow Gauge; Stanford University Press, 2003
  • Hamman

Various U.S. Census, birth, death, voting and Marriage records for Robert Maxwell and Willis Duncan are availabel at ancestry.com, a fee site.


Willis Duncan
Alameda Sun, February 26, 2015 online article about explosion: has photo, but mistakenly gives date as 1-15-1902