Mission Bay San Francisco SP
Mission Bay Roundhouse possessed two gardens: the traditional outside locomotive servicing tracks fed by the turntable, and an actual flower garden, which was located behind the roundhouse up against the bank below Mariposa Street.

Righfully enough, the flower garden grounds were maintained by the Garden Club, an employee group. I have no idea which craft(s) maintained the Garden then, but today the Garden Club survives as an informal locomotive engineer beneficial organization, but ther'es been no actual garden since Mission Bay Roundhouse was demolished, as far as I know.

About a decade ago, I decided that it might be fun to start a new garden as something to do on layovers, but quickly found that there is absolutely no space for even a tiny plot anwhere near Fourth and Townsend Depot. Today I'm wondering if there's any way to access the roof of Fourth Street Tower...

(photos courtesy of George Solimine Jr.)