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and some non-SP G-E cars miscellany

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Non-SP Miscellany

Southern Pacific

[G-E] Motor Car Mysteries

Misc. G-E Motor Car Documents

Collected Pacific Lines G-E Documents

The contents of the following PDF's scanned at Shasta Divison Archives date from the early 1920's to the mid-1930's that range over a number of topics.

Naviagation: File contents are arranged starting with the oldest, and you shall find occasional duplication of scans between multiple files for those that pertain to more than one subject.

Various Subjects

Geographic Locations

For an authoritative, illustrated history of SP Co. Gas Electric cars, see:
"SP Company Pacific Lines Gas-Electric Rail Cars" by Phillips C. Kauke;
Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society:
SP Trainline issue #60 - Summer, 1999, pp. 8-24

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