Uncle John's Stables c1902-03 Palo Alto (SP) TimetablemmmmmmmmmmSP Index

Private party promotional railroad timetables are as old as railroading itself. Here's one that circulated in Palo Alto around the turn of the Twentieth Century. The folder has some personal appeal to me, as my family had a large presence there from about 1880 until 1960. It is undated, but a survey of Southern Pacific timetables of the period indicates that it was produced somewhere between mid-1902 and mid-1903. The closest match that I found was an SP public timetable dated 1-22-1903. The variances between the two timetables are such that it is unclear which came along first, but Uncle John's cetrainly appeared before 1904.

below - Uncle John's placed this advertisement in the Palo Alto Times on an irregular basis during 1900-01, but, as we can see from the SP timetable that appeared on the same page, fewer trains were calling upon Palo Alto than appeared on the stable's card.