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These photos don't fit anywhere else, but we kinda like 'em. Some images that formerly appeared here have been transferred to new pages about their respective railroads.

Scrap yard, west of El Paso Texas, 1983

Tender, D&RGW #464; Durango, Co., 1967

Rio Grande Zephyr, 1977; Greg Welker Photo
D&RGW narrow & standard gauge pages coming!

Hayes Derail, Victor, Idaho, 1965

Amtrak #11 (SP #12) passes crowd waiting for the Freedom Train at Santa Clara, 1976

Yakima Valley Transportation Co., WA, 1970

McCloud River SD-39-2 at Pasco, WA roundhouse in 1970, on its way to delivery at Lookout, CA

Engineer at work near Oswego, New York, 9-26-74.

Reminant shadow of Owneyo
Felton, CA, 1967

A GE 44 Ton and two Alco RS-3's idle away at the Maine Central engine house in Calais, Maine, just a few feet from the Canadian Border. Wx4 staff noted the facility from a Greyhound bus, and the kindly driver waited at the bus stop a couple of blocks away while staff ran down to the yard to grab this shot. Guilford Transportation abandoned the 133 mile branch that served the town in 1985.

A soon-to-be UP switcher shuttles past some still-active UP stock cars at Kansas City in May, 1980.
EMD GP15's: left, on SCL north of Miami in the Fall, 1982; and right, on CNW at East St. Louis in May 1980.
Left, SCL U33B's and U36B's in storage at Tampa, Fall, 1982 - On the shady (north) side, they were colored green, from mold. Right, Kansas City Terminal 1964-built SW1200's at their namesake city.

Conrail F's 1783; 1648 and another spliced by a GP9B; Geep 5993 in E-L colors, at Cleveland, June 24, 1978. Nicely composed photo by Robert Todten

Zanesville, OH Pennsylvania Railroad engine terminal, July 1939: click on the image for a 2000 pixel HumongOfoto®
Photographer unknown / from negative in Wx4 collection.

Boston 1932 - photographer unknown, Wx4 collection

NEW 4-6-2023: Having spent many years running commuter engines, Wx4 Staff naturally has a soft spot for them. What in particular attracted us to B&A #312 certainly was not its debatable good looks, but rather what its appearance unequivocally imparts to the viewer: "I am a jackrabbit!" And a hand-bomber jackrabbit at that - Look at all of those scoop shovels on the rack.

On a lovely day in the spring of 1981, Eric Hiramaki caught CNW RS-32 hand-me-down #4249, an ex NYC/PC/Conrail unit, at New Ulm, Minnesota. Staff's extensive collection of RS-32 photos will appear on Wx4 in the future, but we don't know when. - Wx4 Collection

Dateline July 4, 2022:

Running Three Hours Late,
Coast Starlight Frogs
Mt. Shasta, CA Fun Run

"OH! My aching ears..."

- Wx4 photo

The Fun Run started late, but Amtrak was even later!