A Slayton Wake-Up

Back in the summer of 1974, the Milwaukee Road still crossed under the Burlington Northern (ex-GN) at a spot on the railroad map called Slayton, Montana. No town existed there, just a pretty little camping spot in the trees across the road from the Musselshell River. It was great, until the wife and I began to unpack near sunset - this seemingly was the signal for about 100 million mosquitoes to attack

Sometime before sunrise the next morning, I heard railroad music aways off, girded myself for a scirmish with the mosquitoes, and raced for the BN bridge. Given everything, it seemed curious that the mosquitoes failed to show, but that the three Milwaukee SD40-2's and train eventually did - swaying along at a good 40 mph.

- E.O.

Not a bad wake-up, eh?