The Milwaukee Road's Pacific Extension
Avery, August, 1974
Big RR's

new photo 9-29-22

Avery, Idaho: The electrics quit in June; Wx4 staff arrived in August. Drat, as usual: a dollar short and a day late. Even so, it was a gorgeous spot, and the Milwaukee was still running and consumately interesting. Avery looked more like a branch line terminal than a mid point on a transcontinental railroad.

(top, second below) This was the depot and yard area that was located up-river from the modest servicing facilities. The tallest building was the power house, in front of which was the depot. The train whose power had just been cut-off was probably a Dead Freight West.

(immediately below) A revisitation 38 years later.

(below) Milepost 1773

(above, below) Excepting that heavy duty through-truss turnatable, and the overhead wires of course, Avery's roundhouse was reminiscent of the Sierra Railroad at Jamestown, CA. Notice that the fueling and sanding facility was behind the single stall motor house.

No longer needed, the E75 sits on the rip track (above, below). For further coverage on this loco, click on the above photo.

(above) This weatherbeaten line car can also appears in a mid-page photo.

(above) The wires strung above the turntable would be a formidable model railroad project.

Avery depot, 1915. (photo courtesy