mThe true fate of Illinois Central E-8A #4020mmmback to Paducah's Boneyard

Jeffrey R. Kociban was kind enough to provide the following further illumination about
IC 4020 and other Paducah rebuilds that went to NJDOT. Thanks Jeff! - E.O.

After reading and thoroughly enjoining your "Paducah's Boneyard & the
Fate of IC's E-units" story, I noticed that you were unsure of the
status of former IC 4020. Well, I know the true story, and
unfortunately, its not good.

After leaving Paducah for New Jersey in 1978, IC 4020 was definitely
numbered NJDOT 4272:2, not to be confused with NJDOT 4272:1 which did
go to Paducah for rebuilding, but returned as NJDOT 4305.

IC 4020 (NJDOT 4272:2) would live on to become NJ Transit 4272.

NJ Transit 4272 along with 2 other Paducah rebuild E8's and 2 NJT
rebuilds would go on to be the last 5 operating until NJ Transit
officially ended E-8 powered service in September of 1987.

This would make NJT 4272 the last operating Paducah rebuild in New
Jersey that was originally of Illinois Central heritage.

After retirement, NJT 4272 was stored in several locations around New
Jersey by NJ Transit until 1991 when it and 2 other Paducah rebuild
E-8s were donated to the United Railway Historical Society of NJ.

According to Mr. Walt Grosselfinger, president of the URHS, shortly
after they acquired NJT 4272, the decision was made to scrap her for
her generators, compressor, and pilot which were to be used as spare
parts for their now restored Erie RR liveried E-8's #834 & 835.
A mix-up at Naporano Iron & Metal in Newark, NJ lead to none of
these components being saved and with that, IC 4020 met the torch.
Before she was scrapped, Mr. Grosselfinger was wise enough to
remove her original Nathan P5 P135R24 horns, which were by-far the
nicest sounding locomotive horns in the entire state of New Jersey. I
have photos and recordings of her horns, which were truly her best
feature. They were installed atop URHS Erie E-8 #834 as part of her
restoration. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, they were stolen off
the locomotive never to be recovered.
As far as I know today, all that exists of IC 4020 are a caged
light globe from the interior of her nose, which I have in memory of
her, and one of her NJT 4272 number boards which is owned by Mr.
Grosselfinger of the URHS.

She lived a good, long life and I truly enjoyed watching her run,
but unfortunately, she's no longer with us.

Hopefully this info solves the final mystery of the IC E8's