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updated 12/4/17

Ex NP Tacoma roundhouse, June 1970 - VO1000 #401 & "Torpedo Boat GP9 # 254. The Geep became BN #1877, while the old Baldwin kept her NP number; didn't last much longer.

Another look at the 401, this time taking a spin on the turntable. It's pretty apparent from the photo that the roundhouse was not long for this world, either.

Forty-two years later, the turntable, if not the roundhouse, was still there! In August, 2012 Wx4 Staff recorded this shot looking south - the opposite direction of the previous B&W photo.
Northern Pacific SW1200 # 133 near Tacoma Union Depot, June 1970; click on the image for a Wx4 HumongOphotoTM.

Brand new McCloud River Railroad SD38-2 #39 rests at the Pasco, Washington ex NP roundhouse in the company of BN Geep 30's and old former NP F3's and F7's in August, 1974, on her way to her new owner. Two-and-one-half decades later, the McCloud sold her to UP.

Also at Pasco that day was former SP&S X-478, a faded beauty.

Part of a solid ex SP&S consist, Alco FA-1 #860 (BN #4108) trails the power headed down the double track through Chehalis, Washington just after sundown on a warm June evening in 1970. The ex SP&S FA's, were quite famous in those days.