Southern Pacific Police Academy Class of 1972________SP Employee Pages
last update: 9/1/16

Kind Wx4 viewer K.E. Melton recently forwarded this photo (click on it for a larger version) and accompanying roster. One of the officers in the photo was his father, Oliver Kent Melton. If you recognize anyone in the photo, please forward the info to Wx4.

Thanks, K.E.! - E.O.

Update 9-1-16: Gary Jones graciously contributed the following:

Standing at far left is R V "Vern" Finwall. He worked in the City, always very serious. His wife also worked for SP, in the Law Dept.

Standing at the far right (last guy) is G M "Gene" Depuy.

Seated, last guy at far right, is R H "Dick" Hadsell. He worked at San Jose where I knew him.

When SP was in a critical financial state in the mid-1990s, both Finwall and Hadsell were laid off, as was about 1/2 the police force. Lots of good men lost their jobs. There were just 2 of us in General Claims at Oakland by then, with no way to perform all the needed work.