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When this photo was recorded at the Los Angeles SP depot in 1915, an African American bystander proclaimed, "He de boss fighter on 5th Street!" Lewis W. Hine photo, Wx4 Digital Collection

North Coast Railroad, ex-SP Commute Geep 3190, 7-29-12. Three other close-by ex-SP GP9's likewise served as homeless housing. Staff photo.

You don't see this kind of thing much anymore: Howard Broeders conducting a boxcar sale for Lone Star Appliances; Dallas, Tx 1962; Dallas Times Herald, Wx4 Digital Collection

Just another vestibule shot that I have ignored for many years, part 1: SP #99 at Serrano (thanks for helping me identify the location, Seller!) in late August, 1970 - Two F's & two Geeps;
economy baggage car; semaphore switch indicators; heavy (5 lbs.+) "A" on the absolute (CTC) signal; eucalyptus tress and pockets of chaparral on the grass-covered hills. This was SP's Coast Division!

One has to admire the happy group that we see here for having the fortitude to manage grins despite the absence of the liquid amenities of a lounge car, for its appears that they are aboard the rider coach of the Coast Mail. Given that most people, other than employees and their families, generally eschewed the Mail in favor of just about any other form of transportation, including the dreaded Greyhound bus, one must conclude that these folks were employees and their families. They apparently have availed themselves of copeous libations already, the remainder (if any) residing just out of sight for the photo. Kodachrome slide marked 8-16-53; Wx4 Collection

Coach riders of less fortunate circumstances during the Depression. Staff lost the photo's ID, but we believe it must be Dorothea Lange's work, which came here via Library of Congress.

"The Road of a Thousand Wonders Pigeons"; Edward H. Mitchell postcard c1915; Wx4 Digital Collection

Woodland's SP depot had seen only Greyhound buses for the prior nine years when I recorded this photo in March, 1980, though the Coast Starlight would continue passing by until 1982.
It still had a freight agent at the time, as well. Thankfully, the community mounted a successful effort to save the depot several years afterward. Though its arches we see the earlier California
Pacific's (second) Woodland depot that lamentably burned down in 1986. It dated to 1877-78.