Southern Pacific Coast / Western Divisions
Engineering Drawings

Below you shall find engineering drawings - primarily maps - produced by SPCo Coast and Western Division draftsmen that we've copied into PDF files arranged by geographic locality. The originals were drawn in pencil either from blank forms, or from copies of earlier drawings. Many were created simply by erasing and drawing over earlier data. Because these originals were filed for possible later revision, they were not colorized, as indicated in their legends. Only the subsequent copies made from them were hand colored. The color copies then were circulated to appropriate parties. Especially note that these drawings were created for proposed construction, some of which probably never took place.

Our PDFs are arranged geographically, by operating division. In the case of multiple cities, they are ordered north to south. Within individual cities, such as San Francisco or Oakland, the order is random. Please feel free to use them for any non-commercial purpose. If you republish any of these images, say on your website, we only we request that you email a heads-up to us at and give us a credit line stating Image Courtesy of

Do you have any drawings, or the like, that you would like to share here with your fellow fans? We would love to post them for you! Likewise, please forward your commentary regarding any of these maps. Contact us at the above email address.

note: the date of last revision is shown at the right of each file's description

Coast Division
  • San Francisco: 32 drawings (30.2MB; 10-30-13)
  • San Francisco Peninsula: South San Francisco, San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Castro (present-day San Antonio depot site) 12 drawings (17.4MB; 10-30-13)
  • Santa Clara Valley: Santa Clara, San Jose, Gilroy (Lonoke) - 12 drawings (12.2MB; 10-30-13)
  • Lower Coast: Watsonville Jct., Santa Cruz, Elkhorn, Prattco, Spreckles Jct., Paso Robles, Hathaway, Guadalupe, Surf, Tajiguas - 12 drawings (10.7MB; 10-30-13)

Western Division

  • Northern branches: Winters, West Napa, Napa Jct., Imola - 5 drawings (4.7MB; 10-30-13)
  • Oakland: 19 drawings (20.6MB; 10-30-13)
  • East Bay: West Alameda, Newark, Warm Springs, Pleasanton, Livermore - 13 drawings
    (13MB; 10-30-13)
A great resource for more similar drawings of the same areas is Robert Bowdidge's site on Flickr, which hosts 170+ of them. Robert, friend and kindred spirit, also believes that such valuable (and cool!) data ought to shared, not sat upon. By coincidence, Robert lives near Wx4 Summer Headquarters and out-bid us on eBay for his collection. We outbid him for ours. Small world. He also has a fine railroad and modeling website.