Wx4 photos, except as noted

Santa Clara: EB down #33 track at Brokaw
~ 9-1963

Santa Clara:Caltrain #77, visitor; 7-20-1992; Don Jilson

Santa Clara: :pushme-pullyou; 7-20-1992; Don Jilson

Santa Clara: Royal Hudson,W of depot, 3-1977; EK Hall



Howest (S. Burlingame) SP 5678, 10-30-73
Millbrae: "The Boondocks" tracks across from the depot
circa 1958
Menlo Park, 1954

SF-SJ Way freight, circa 1910
circa 1974, Wx4....................College Park............1981, Charles Lamphere
EB's at west end of Sunnyvale
circa 1973, Wx4
Los Gatos, 11-1950, Peter Hahn
WB departing Santa Cruz c.1910

Watsonville Junction: left - from roundhouse area, c.1960; right - closer to old yard office on; note new tower; 9-24-1955, Harold F. Stewart

SP 21 at Castroville, c.1875, as far as we can tell; what do you think?
San Francisco

We've long had a Sanborn Maps B&W image of SP / SF&SJ's original two co-joined San Francisco roundhouses on Wx4, but now we have a 1905 color image, courtesy of the phenominal David Rumsey Map Collection. These roundhouses were replaced by Mission Bay Roundhouse, BTW.

San Francisco: Friday morning, August 11, 1939 at the paved driveway (name?) between 4th and 5th Sts. at
San Jose's depots

Looking at San Francisco & San Jose RR / first SP depot from under arcade of the Basset St. depot, c.1935

"Bull Moose" 4-4-2 at Basset St., c.1910; our favorite SP loco, BTW

Cahill St. depot, below: left, c.1974, Wx

Cahill St. depot, .1974, Wx4

Royal Hudson at SF&SJ depot site, 3-1977

Caltrain #902, 1986; last engine E.O. ran 23 years late