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Rondhouse; Turntable; Backshops

The two photographers below recorded the shops on August 25, 1961. Wx4 scanned the images that you see here from 2.5" square contact prints. Our thanks to Engineer George Solimine for sharing them.

Who are these gentlemen? The fellow on the right apparently took most of the photos appearing in the Shops pages, as well as many of our SP San Francisco pics. Can anybody identify them?

Wx4 staff is sadly out-to-lunch when it comes to Santa Fe matters, so we can't give you much info regarding the Richmond facility, even though we used to regularly oogle at it in-passing (drat: no photos) during the 1950's and 60's, when one had to wind his way through downtown Richmond on the way to the pre-freeway Richmond Bridge. Instead, we refer you to the book Valley Division Vignettes by J.L. Kreiger and Glen Icanberry (1983: Valley Rail Press), which has basic information; good photos; and is readily available on the used book market for about fifty bucks. If any of you Santa Fe buffs would like to clue us in, we'd be glad to publish the info. Q: Is that really a tile roof on the backshop?